Science Score

Hi everyone, sorry if this post is similar to other posts, but I’m just seeking advice on the science section. Right now I"m scoring in the 27-29 range, and I’m wondering if people have any big tips or strategies. Anything would be appreciated because my goal is to get a 33 and my science score is really bringing down my composite. Thanks!

It is mostly reading & interpreting graphs etc. but some do find it tricky. There are different question types so hopefully you can figure out which are most pesky for you.

For some tips try watching this:

Several tutorial lessons from Kaplan are here:

This prep book has math & science:

Hope this along with practice and reading answer explanations will help!!

@CA1543 Thank you

Welcome – hope it helps - the good news it that with practice and understanding the types of problems that are asked and how to go about them, your score should really improve.

I got a 36 on science and my main advice to you is just to take as many practice tests as you can and develop your own process for going through questions. What I usually did was scan the introduction of the experiment so I get a good idea of what it’s about and then go immediately to the questions, since each question usually relates only to a smaller chunk of the experiment as a whole. Reading the questions first will help you work more quickly and isolate the information you really want.

@JadeM737 I’ve been trying to do a lot of practice tests and I can see an improvement. Thanks for the response.

The science section is the least reliable of the ACT sub-scores and does not reflect aptitude or achievement in science.