Science Section

<p>I got pretty much strait 31 and then a 25 on the science because for some reason or another I just didn't get it. Any advice?</p>


<p>Well, you were either not focused or the science section was just extremely hard compared to the others. If you've been getting 31s all along, you don't have much to worry about.</p>

<p>My teacher told me that your brain really has to be in it. No zoning off, you have to be enticed by it but also be calm at the same time so you can think under pressure and be able to bring out your inner logic.</p>

<p>^ your teacher was right..i panicked the last time, and i got a much lower score on test day. of course, i was done by then, so that could've also been it.</p>

<p>In that 10 minute break between Math and Reading, tell yourself what you're going to do when you reach Science. You're going to go right to the questions but not too quickly so you won't startled, and go as quick as you can but be really into it.</p>