science supplement

<p>Should I submit a complete paper (7+ pages) or just an abstract? A complete paper looks much more professional but I am a bit worried that the reviewers may prefer the latter option since they can read less. I can't find any specific guidelines about the pages on the school website. Any thoughts?</p>

<p>I know that many prospective students merely submit the abstract, or abstracts in the event of multiple publishings. Providing too much bulk to your application can be a tad flustering, given the natural volume of material that accompanies each application.</p>

<p>The following webpage provides Harvard’s guidelines on science research submission: </p>

<p>[Harvard</a> College Admissions § Applying: Supplemental Application Materials](<a href=“]Harvard”></p>

<p>In short, they basically advise: </p>

<p>“If you are submitting research materials for review, please include a short statement putting the research project into the context of your academic interests and future plans as well as the name, title and contact information of your principal research mentor.”</p>