Science w/ Lab for Non-Science Students

Any Dickinson students or parents with any advice on which lab science classes to take for students for whom science is not their thing? Tour guide mentioned an astronomy class. What about Earth’s Hazards? Anyone with experience with that one? Thanks!

It has been a while, but my Poli Sci kid took something where she got to band owls, and they also collected insects. Sorry, I don’t know the name of the course.

My definitely non-sciency D took Earth’s Hazards and struggled a bit. However, it was her very first semester at college. This semester she has Biological Anthropology and does not seem to be having trouble so far. I was worried about this course because AP Bio was tough for her. However, a friend of hers who is probably smarter than she is took Biological Anthropology last year and DID find it tough.

The professors take turns teaching these intro courses so I think that might impact difficulty and therefore make it harder to predict how any given course will be for your student.