Sciences as an Arts Major

<p>I was wondering if it is possible to take the required premed classes if accepted into the Arts Faculty at McGill? I note that the Arts faculty has a "Minor Concentration Science for Arts Students" and was thinking that this might allow me to take the necessary courses for med school. I applied to both the Science and Arts & Sciences faculties in my already submitted application, but in the interest of being overcautious, was considering submitting one more application for the Arts faculty. I am optimistic about being accepted to either the Science or A&S faculties, but just in case, thought it might make sense to give myself one more option. You can never predict with 100% certainty how these college admissions things go......</p>

<p>Yes, you can take science courses as an Arts major. There's a girl living across the hall from me who's in Arts that is planning to apply to med school so she's taking a science courses this year.</p>

<p>Thanks very much, canta93loupe! Good to know it is possible. BTW, do you happen to know what your neighbor across the hall's major is? Just curious....</p>

<p>You're also allowed to take certain science minors (e.g. cognitive science) as an arts student. McGill seems to be pretty flexible with it.</p>