Scientific research help

Hope everyone is having a great holiday break,

I want to conduct science research and I have no idea where to start. I want to do a science research program, but I’m not sure whether science research programs are going on due to COVID-19. Should I resort to working with professors at universities? How and when do I start? I hope to write a paper on my research and/or compete in ISEF competitions in the future, which programs and what opportunities should I take?

All help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

I’m assuming that you’re in high school, so I would first reach out to professors at a local university to see if they have any opportunities. If they don’t have space for you, they’ll probably be able to point you towards a different professor who could be of more help.

I think it might also be worthwhile to contact professors at schools you are looking to go to. Email the head of whatever department you’re hoping to work with and ask if you’d be able to participate in research remotely. They can probably direct you to whoever you’ll need to talk to in order to start the research. I know some students who have been able to do this, although they do miss out on the hands-on aspect which I know is important to many.