Scientists invent the perfect coffee mug

<p>Scientists love coffee. More than anyone else, by some surveys. So in a way, it makes perfect sense that they would be responsible for what could be the greatest coffee-related invention since coffee-alcohol: a mug that keeps coffee hot – but not too hot – for hours on end.</p>

<p>Scientists</a> invent the perfect coffee mug</p>

<p>Cf Joulies that work on the same principle. Would be easier to use if the drink container took care of it.</p>

<p>@Ixnay- From what I’ve read CF Joulies is way expensive.</p>

<p>Might be expensive. I ordered a while ago for my daughter who drinks tea. I used a few for my coffee, but they’re inconvenient. I will probably try the mug.</p>

<p>It’s like those bean things I saw on Shark Tank except built into the thermos.</p>