Score choice MIT 2020?

Will MIT be accepting score choice for the SAT for 2020? Their website says they accept score choice but the application says to submit scores for all sittings. Wondeirng if the website isn’t updated or if they request you submit all scores but don’t require it.
I’m pretty unfamiliar to college confidential so I don’t know if I posted this in the wrong place…

If the application explicitly says they require all scores for all tests, which is at odds with all other sources, then I’d include them all. If they superscore, it shouldn’t matter.

Double check that you’re reading it accurately.

Whenever there is a discrepancy between the admissions website and a college’s application, ALWAYS contact the college to confirm. Many schools (like the UCs) that require students to submit all of their SAT/ACT scores DO allow score choice for Subject Tests, for example.

Found the following on the MIT website:

“Students are free to use the College Board’s Score Choice option and the ACT’s option to submit the scores of your choice.”

Contact information for MIT Admissions is here: Just give them a call, Admissions offices are THERE to help prospective students. :smile:

Hope this helps!

Yes, I thought I had added that to my post. Just contact them and ask.