Score Choice: Sending SAT Subject scores

<p>Just a quick question to whoever is out there:</p>

<p>I took my SAT test in January (28th) and have already chosen 6 schools to send my report to (already confirmed to be sent--no going back now).
I am signed up to take some Subject Tests in May of this year, and I plan on submitting the scores to the same 6 scores I sent my SAT I scores to.
My question is, should I use score choice to send only the Subject Test scores (since they will already have the SAT I), or should I send all scores (they will get a duplicate of I)? I ask because from other posts on these forums, it seems as though colleges disagree with the Score Choice option.</p>

<p>The six schools I chose were:
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Boston University
Wake Forest University
Hampden-Sydney College
Georgetown University
Appalachian State University</p>

<p>In case it matters, I am currently a Junior in high school, graduating 2013.</p>