Score Estimate Please! =D

<p>My score goal is 625 or higher in these sections . . . . .</p>

Skipped: 7-10
Wrong: 5</p>

Skipped: 10-13

<p>Math: 610-640
CR: 630-660</p>

<p>Total (M+CR): 1240-1300</p>

<p>On the May SAT I got 5 wrong on the math section and received a 690, no omits. For Critical Reading I got 10 wrong and received a 660, no omits. So yours are probably less than mine because you ommitted.</p>

<p>In May, I got -11 in CR = 670. So, your -16 to -19 would be high 500s-600 I think.</p>

<p>There's no way that CR is above a low 600. It will most likely be in the 500s. The math will be at a similar level, perhaps even lower.</p>

<p>sorry for adding on, but how about my predicted math score:</p>

<p>-3 MC, -1G, 0 i break 700???</p>

<p>^Yeah you have a good chance.</p>

<p>Your -3 MC and -1 G is the same as my -2 MC and -3 G.</p>

<p>Funny how this test works, right? We should both be looking at 700-710.</p>