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<p>Prompt: "Is it important to question the ideas and decisions of people in positions of authority?"</p>

<pre><code> People often say that "Rules were meant to be broken". Since the beginning of time, people have ben defying authority. But is this a good thing? Despite being ostensibly wrong, questioning authority is often beneficial overall, as can be shown by several historical examples.

For a long time, the only Christian religion was Catholicism. The pope and bishops had ultimate authority over the church and everyone in it. However, not everyone always agreed with the church and its decisions. Martin Luther was one of the first and foremost people to challenge the church's practices. he drafted the "95 Theses" and nailed them to a church door. These theses were a list of grievances with the church. Eventually, Luther gained a large following and formed the first Protestant religion, Lutheranism. Today, a large portion of the world is Protestant, but this would never have been possible without Luther's original courage to defy authority.

Another positive example of going against authority is the Civil Rights movement. For many years, laws existed in the South segregating many public places and preventing black citizens from doing many things. Although there had previously been some resistance, the Civil Rights movement really took off in the 1960's. The bus boycott serves as a prime example of its success. A woman named Rosa Parks broke the law by refusing to give up her bus seat to a white man. She was thrown in jail, but the entire black community of Mobile, Alabama began to protest by boycotting the buses. After over a year, the bus companies had lost a great deal of money, and the law was changed. This civil rights triumph shows how important it can be to go against authority. It can lead to a major change in an unjust practice.

Although it is important to have authority figures, it is vital that people also question authority. If no one questions authority, new ideas will not be able to surface and society will never grow or change

<p>I realize it's not perfect, but any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!</p>

<p>Well, I think its a great essay!
Of course you can't write a perfect essay within 25 minutes but this one is really good. The examples you have given are explained well and your conclusion is justified by both of them. Consistency is portrayed well.<br>
and I liked the phrase "ostensibly wrong". Did you mean to say that the authority looked upon the resistance as wrong but the ones protesting against them are actually right because the authoritative rules were oppressive and unfair?
I would happily give it a 5.

<p>Such a great essay!
Your essay would deserve 11/12. Your structure is really clear, your thesis statement totally convincing and the supporting examples relevantly elaborate. It is such a great work written in 25mins.</p>