Score my essay?

<p>Hello, this is just an essay i wrote for practice.
Prompt: Is imagination more important than knowledge?</p>

<p>Imagination is the building plan that guides knowledge; however, without the sufficient tools to build, the plan is useless. Leonardo da Vinci is an exemplary renaissance man of this case. The great innovator had imaginations that far surpassed all knowledge available in his contemporary society. Knowledge is more important than imagination. Although great imagination is a plus, without knowledge to support this imaginative outlook, there is no need for such imagination.</p>

<p>Having an imagination that surpasses contemporary knowledge is inefficient and practically useless. Leonardo da Vinci- a scientist, artist, and grave digger. Da Vinci's imaginative mind led to both his anatomical studies and sketches in his notebooks. In the case of his sketches, they never became reality because of the lack of sufficient knowledge to support such ideas. Da Vinci's sketches which featured siege weapons and aviators never became tangible reality. These ideas lay waste in his notebook, and by the time his notebooks were discovered more recently, his ideas were already obsolete due to the great innovations.</p>

<p>Da Vinci's mind clearly surpassed all others- in creativity and in knowledge. In Da Vinci's contemporary society, the church ruled all, and it also funded Da Vinci's anatomical studies of the human body. Da Vinci dug up graves to study the enigma known as the human; his knowledge was able to support his imagination in this case, as he was able to come up with new treatments for illnesses (although not much more advanced). Knowledge is the foundation of all others, and without knowledge- or at least sufficient knowledge, imagination becomes only a whimsical, unattainable dream.</p>

<p>Da Vinci's sketches of clearly innovative ideas and his research of human anatomy shows the contrast of having and not having sufficient knowledge to support whimsical imaginations. Despite innovative thinking, there needs to be sufficient ability and tools to carry out this imagination. There is much imaginative thinking today. However, many are anachronistic; only a few ideas are salvaged from the sea of imagination. Others are just too heavy for current knowledge to bring to shore.</p>

<p>I like the pun in the last sentence- was it on purpose? </p>

<p>The second example is iffy. How did his knowledge support his imagination? You're not being clear. I guess you could say that his sketches from his notebook were supported by actual experience. However, the two ideas aren't clearly linked. Overall, you need to improve the essay's transitioning and flow. There are a few language dips.</p>

<p>9/12 or 10/12. If you elaborate a little more, improve transitioning, and get lucky, you could score 12/12.</p>

<p>Thanks :) i agree because this prompt was a bit hard for me as i couldnt come up with many examples for this prompt... I spent too much time on planning rather than writing.</p>