"Score projected from multiple choice and free-response"

<p>So I got my AP scores about a month ago and didn't really think too much of the note that was left next to my language AP scores.</p>

<p>What does this mean? Does that mean my official score has not been verified yet?</p>

<p>Part of your test was lost/unable to be scored. Because of that, a final score was extrapolated from the part(s) of the test that were able to be graded.</p>

<p>Yup. If the two sections were both lets say, 50% of the final AP score, they would double the raw score of your MC to find your actual scaled AP score.</p>


<p>You probably won't ever know how you really did because that usually means they lost part of your test.</p>

<p>So since I received a 5, it doesn't actually hurt does it?</p>

<p>Nope. If you did better on the missing section, then you would still have a 5 (if that section were scored). If you did worse on the missing section, then you might have a 4 (if that section were scored), in which case this helps you. Either way, enjoy your 5.</p>