Score report content?

<p>Which of the following scores show up on each SATII Writing score report?</p>

<pre><code> 1. Overall composite score
2. Breakdown for multiple choice and essay sections
3. Raw scores for both sections


<p>All of the above.</p>

<p>are you sure? i thought they just sent the score.. thats why i thought some schools didnt need it to be sent by cb and could be sent by hs?</p>

<p>I believe they get the whole file. That means the basic outline that is mailed to you after three weeks. Percentile, score, and a break down. ETS should be that thorough when it comes to reports.</p>

<p>lol i hope not!</p>

<p>Almost all schools require scores be sent through the CB.</p>

<p>I'm not sure what a "breakdown" of the scores is, but I would guess overall score and subscores show up. </p>

Score_<strong><em>Writing Sample</em></strong><strong><em>Multiple Choice