Score-sending dilemma!

<p>So it's pretty late in the game already, but I am starting to feel some regret for only sending my SAT scores and not my ACT. My SAT was a 1410 on the 1600 scale and I got a 31 on the ACT. Converted, my SAT is equivalent to a 32, but I have seen on a few other websites that my 31 is within range for some colleges I applied to, but my SAT is lower... Which doesn't make any sense but it is worrying me. Is it too late to send ACT scores? Should I try to contact some admissions people or will I just look unprepared and it reflect badly?</p>

<p>probably will make very little difference.</p>

<p>Otherwise -- this is a good Guidance Counselor question.</p>

<p>Too bad my guidance counselor didn't know what to tell me when I asked him!</p>