Score sending question, please respond!

<p>I'm not quite familiar with this process and I have to point four schools to receive my SAT II scores tomorrow, so I am in great need of help.
I took the SAT I in May and sent my scores to Macalester,Mount Holyoke,Bryn Mawr and another college. Then I retook the test but sent the scores to colleges different from the previous four. Unfortunately, I couldn't raise my SAT the second time I took, and I thought I'd have to send in my initial scores. But I noticed on the score report that the colleges have received both SAT tests I have taken. So,
<em>When I am taking SAT II should I send my scores again to the colleges that received my SAT I scores?</em></p>

<p>I'd appreciate any help.

<p>Yes. However, you really don't need to send your scores anywhere until you're taking your last test. Each time you send scores, it sends scores for all previous SAT I and SAT II tests you've taken.</p>