<p>How exactly does the SCORE system at Princeton work, and what are the ways a student can register for courses?</p>

<p>An article in the Daily</a> Princetonian highlights some of the horrors of course registration. Is the SCORE system really that bad?</p>

<p>SCORE is an online registering system, you log on, choose the classes and sections, and press submit. It is infinitely better than having to wait in line at the registrars office, mostly because you get almost real time updates on which classes/sections have closed, and you dont have to wait in a line of 1000 people at 7 in the morning. The main problem with SCORE is just that you have to wake up at 7 --but its not even like you have to, you just run the risk of the class or section filling up. I tend to think that first come first served is more fair than a lottery system, if you want to wake up you can, and if you dont, you dont have to. At princeton, most classes don't fill-- you just might get stuck with a friday lab or class. Also, most of the professors are pretty accomodating about allowing more students into their classes. The only thing to possibly worry about is upper level seminars, and only then if you want to take them in your freshman year or something, which is not usually allowed anyway.</p>

<p>Yeah, I honestly don't find it bad at all so long as you know what classes you're taking and you're willing to wake up at 6:50 AM -- I don't think either is <em>too</em> big of a burden. Registering for this coming semester, I found that two of my planned courses (a Cornel West seminar and a Spanish lower-level class) for next semester had been filled up by upperclassmen, but I had a contigency plan and was able to make out fine. I'd suggest that you guys look at courses and think about what you think you would like to take in the Fall. I'm taking:</p>

<p>FRE 101 -- Intro French
POR 108 -- Intro Portuguese for Spanish-Speakers
SPA 331 -- Borges
GEO 255 -- Astrobiology
CLA 330 -- Greek Law & Legal Practices</p>

<p>Thanks for the responses ec1234 and tunanfish! Good to hear that registration isn't that big a problem. Do freshmen get preference in choosing courses first semester (fall)?</p>

<p>Well, considering that this was the week for all rising sophomores/juniors/seniors to register for fall, freshmen don't get priority :), but it's not a big problem (unlike at many larger schools).</p>

<p>Freshman dont get priority (obviously) and what I think is more unfair is that you register at your advising appointment, and thus by college. By the time I registered last year, a bunch of stuff had closed, and most of the labs left were at less desirable times (friday afternoon) which was one of the reasons that I decided to take integrated</p>

what I think is more unfair is that you register at your advising appointment, and thus by college

I thought we all have to register online??</p>

<p>The reason I asked about frosh getting preference was because the Undergrad Announcement states:</p>

<p>Fall Term, 2005-2006</p>

<p>September 10, Saturday. Registration of all freshmen.</p>

<p>September 12, Monday. Registration of all other undergraduate students.</p>

<p>Yayy I'm an early riser...hehe :D</p>

<p>From what I understand, upperclassmen have already registered for classes (according to several sources of mine, anyways). That and the fact that it would only make sense that frosh register for classes last seem pretty reasonable.</p>

<p>You register for classes directly after your advising appointment (which will be in the Friend Center) in a computer cluster that has been set up for that use. This means that there will be people around to help you set up. The confusion between the dates comes from the fact that you also have to "register" on score to ensure that you are still a student at princeton. If i remember correctly, you just have to press a button</p>

<p>As a freshman, how likely/unlikely is it to have all your classes Mon-Thurs with none on Friday? I'd really like Friday off of class to finish my homework so I can have the weekend free.</p>

<p> would everyone ;) My guess is that, as freshmen, we are just going to have to suck it up and have icky Friday and 8 AM classes.</p>

<p>Some freshman don't. Some do. I guess it just depends on how you're able to schedule your precepts, mainly (since a lot of classes are MW or TR, I'm guessing it's the whole precept thing that puts classes on Friday).</p>

<p>In most cases, you shouldn't have to have Friday or 8 AM classes. The only exceptions are languages other than Latin -- which meet on Fridays -- and classes that you think you need to take for major X, but you can't fit into your schedule at any time but 9 AM. I took a 9 AM course this fall, and it was pretty lousy; I'd advise against it.</p>

<p>I'd say theres a very good likelihood that you will have friday classes, but it's rare (unless youre premed) that you will have classes (or will have to have) classes before 10. This is because a lot of classes are MWF (math + science esp, although some humanities precepts etc are on fridays too)</p>