<p>With a 1390/2080 sat score, rank of 6 out of 225 and an interest in engineering, can you give me an idea of which universities you would apply to? Thanks!</p>

<p>This is too vague to make any decision. The SAT score is not bad, but definitely not good. I can't say what you're aiming for because I need a list of courses, AP scores, SAT II scores, and EC's. Major, ethnicity, and rec letters also matter, so please update the post.</p>

<p>White, male </p>

<p>690 reading
700 math
690 writing</p>

<p>ap eng comp: 5
ap us hist:4
ap world hist:4</p>

<p>taking ap physics, advanced rocketry, research and design, ap euro, ap English next year. Engineering major</p>