Scored a 30 on ACT... what now??? Please help

<p>Ok, so i'm a high school student from Oregon with a 3.3 gpa, 1880 SAT score, and now a 30 on my ACT. (32ENG/30MTH/28READ/31SCI, and a 27 on writing.) I have roughly 200 hours of community service, and roughly 400 hours of paid work, which will probably increase to ~600 hours of paid work. I am a member of varsity athletics and a member of the hiking club at my school.</p>

<p>Before i recieved my ACT scores, the schools i wanted to go to were USC, U of San Diego, U of Oregon, Clemson, U of A, or OSU. Are these schools meets, reaches, safties? What schools should i be trying to aim for?</p>

<p>Thank you so much for your time.</p>

<p>To be quite honest for UC-San Diego and USC your gpa is low, so you need a higher act. Plus you didn't mention any leadership positions. Are you captain of any of those varsity sports, or do you have a leadership position at any of the places you volunteered, or have a manager position with your paid job?</p>

<p>I didnt say UC San Diego. Just U of San diego. Its a private roman catholic school a few miles fom SDSU. No i didnt hold any leadership positions, nor will i since i work in the restaurant business and you need a degree to become a manager. Does it matter that my job makes me $20/hr? Its a real job... its not like subway or something.</p>