scores and scholarship chances

<p>Question: Just found out my daughter has 1780 on SAT and 3.46 GPA (thought would be higher)....are there ANY schools that would give scholarships with these numbers? I know my stepdaughter got 6000 for a combo of grades/activities and her SATs were much lower as was her hoping she can get both scores up this fall.....</p>

<p>oh, my stepdaughter is attending a small private college where she received the 6000</p>

<p>Sure, it depends on the schools. You will have to do your own search - there are many small colleges in our area (SW PA) that list merit awards on their websites for GPA's down to 3.0. Pick a school, go to their website, click on admissions, then financial aid, and look for a listing of merit awards.</p>

<p>Two threads worth looking at are:
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<p>While the specific scholarships mentioned may not still be around when your D is applying to college, the search strategies discussed will be helpful to you.</p>

<p>As mamabear1234 wrote, a lot depends on the specific kid, and the specific college. Niece1 received a hefty scholarship from a college she'd never heard of until the summer before her senior year in HS. When she contacted the college for more information, she learned that certain scholarships had very early priority application dates (late September or early October as I recall). Her stats are a bit better than your Ds. Happykid will be attending our local community college on a full-tuition and fees scholarship this fall. She never took any of the standardized tests, had a GPA is just under your Ds, one massively time-consuming EC, and teachers/counselors/etc. who adored her - one of whom wrote a bang-up letter of recommendation for that scholarship application.</p>