Scores are not up! stop saying they are!!

<p>I am freaking scared alreAdy....stop saying the scores are up when they're not!!!</p>


<p>No one knows. </p>

<p>Some people seem genuine and some people are so obviously lying.</p>

<p>Here, a cookie.</p>

<p>didn't fool me...but i was checking before they said to...</p>

<p>yeah...well...they'll just come in tommarow...</p>

<p>al;sdkfjlaskfjlsdk;jfal;sdkjfla;sk ahhhhhhh i dont want to see them. yet i do...yet i dont...</p>

<p>SATs...One of life's greatest predicaments.....before college...</p>

<p>gagh!! they're making progress on my scores.
I registered for one, took two...but until 5 minutes ago they only listed 1. NOW THERE ARE TWO.</p>

<p>Moment of truth approaches.</p>

<p>wtf. r ppl so low to lie on some college forum about their scores??? the screenshots look legit :&lt;/p>

<p>they made progress on mine too. instead of saying biology e/m it says ecological biology or wuteva.</p>

<p>sigh why do ppl always make screenshots before each sat result day? what a lame way to freak ppl out...</p>