SCORES ARE OFFICIALLY UP for the 2017 october SAT

<p>yup...collegeboard has invented a time-travel machine so they can now travel to the future and see what ur kids got on the SAT...</p>

<p>just call them up and ask for the "supreme" service.......they charge like $1 million for each score though :(</p>

<p>what a loser you are.</p>

<p>hai. there are those that are funny, and then there are those that...well.</p>


<p>oh wow i gotta type more. Lame is too short of a message</p>

<p>That,....well.....quite <em>cough</em> funny.</p>

<p>cookie, you might wanna change your location....that's just weird...</p>

<p>havent you read his "IM IN LOVE WITH A CCER" thread yet? lol</p>

<p>yeah I have...which at least explains it...sort of...</p>

<p>sort of... exactly</p>

<p>It explains the 'location' perfectly, but not the weirdness of the whole thing :) gotta admit it's a little strange (though I'm w/ zantedeschia; I think it's mainly a joke...funnier than the SAT 2017 one, for sure)</p>

<p>I think it makes a mockery of MY relationship =(</p>

<p>That was amusing.</p>

<p>yea best joke i've heard in my life too
can't stop laughing</p>

<p>Get over yourselves, people. It wasn't that bad.</p>

<p>Greedy bastards.</p>

<p>Greedy? ....</p>

<p>"they charge like $1 million for each score " ...</p>


<p>that was a WASTE OF TIME!</p>

<p>evil robot, i remember seeing you on the yale boards, did you end up going there?</p>

<p>different evil robot.</p>

<p>there are multiple evil robots? oy</p>