<p>Guys...besides the 800-SAT-score #...can people call other #s to get their scores? are they avail before the 22nd?</p>

<p>why use phone? it costs money, you might as well go online(free) there are no other numbers... cb aren't allowed to release to scores to anyone other than you and colleges</p>

<p>im just askin, i dont care about online right now, i need to know more about how the phones work (i already got my scores)</p>

<p>I wonder if the phone service is even working if the entire server/database is down?</p>

<p>im just wonderin...cuz im stil wonderin if my friend is BSing about his score...he claims he called a local office and got the scores from some lady for $5??</p>

<p>geez stop worrying about your friend! =)</p>

<p>im just curious! come on guys help me out lol</p>