Scores for admission

<p>Hey I'm going to be a senior next fall and am looking to apply ED to rice. I think I am done with my standardized tests and just wanted to see if you guys think I'm in the range for rice. I got a 2120 on the sat (710 math 680 reading 730 writing), a 760 on math 2, and a 740 on apush.'it seems like everyone gets 800s on these but where do my scores place me for rice (knowing scores aren't everything)? How did you guys do for those that got in? Thanks -keane</p>

<p>thats an alright score, dont worry about the kids here. CC kids are the top of the top :P. </p>

<p>It wouldnt be bad if you did try and go for a 2200+ or so though, or maybe try the ACT out? best of luck</p>

<p>Those scores won't bar you from admission. Just to prove it to you, I got less than 680 on one subject...and it didn't keep me from getting in RD (sure, I had perfect scores in the other two subjects, but frankly I think that after a point scores are all the same: there really isn't a difference between 720 and 790, both are impressive enough). You could take the SAT again if you really think you could get a better score, but don't do it just because you see people on CC that are all: "800! 800! and...a 780! NOOOO! I WILL NEVER GET INTO HARVARD NOW!" If you really hate SATs and have better things to do with your time, your scores will be fine as they are.</p>

<p>Scores are just a lower limit it seems. Anything over 2100 is good enough, I'd think.</p>

<p>800 M, 800 CR, 720 W - 8</p>

<p>800 Math II, 790 Physics, 780 Lit</p>

<p>I'd say for rice and other top 20 schools that not many people get in under a 2100. 2200+ is definitely safer, but it's really about all the other stuff you during and after school. I think there is also more of an emphasis on the math and reading sections, but writing is still considered.</p>

<p>I was admitted to Rice and number of other schools with a 2130 (800M 700R 630W - 9)</p>

<p>With Rice, it seems like the admissions office lets you make up for deficiencies in your application by being quirky--I had a 3.64ish UW GPA at the time of my app. Nearly everyone I have met in the class of 2014 has an interesting characteristic or two. Your score is towards the lower end of the SAT range at Rice, but it by no means will keep you out. Your II's are fine, and I assume you did pretty well on your AP's, classes etc. Try a retake in October after some prep (The difference in questions correct between your score and a 2250 [a solid target] is slim). Practice will get you there, but your essays will probably take your further. </p>

<p>Be creative, be original, and be yourself (Unless you're boring, then make up a funny story). </p>

<p>I applied RD because I was too much of a sloth to fill out the apps until Christmas break, got in, and will be attending. My GPA was not too stellar, my extra curriculars were pretty bland, but my essays were fun and quirky/obviously in love with rice/heartfelt. As a disclaimer, I had a much higher SAT score, but plenty of people with comparable scores and better GPA's didn't get in/got waitlisted. It's all about fit for Rice.</p>