Scores for Columbia

Hey everyone,
I’m planning on applying to Columbia next year. I got a 34 ACT on my first try, is it worth a shot to take it again?

I think you are set with those scores to any college. I would not take it again.

Agreed! I think that 34 and above will pretty much be viewed as the same by a college. Well done!

Depends on your HS.

If you’re in a more or less average HS where there will be less than a handful of kids applying to Columbia, then you’re probably fine.

If you’re in a highly competitive, elite(ish) HS (TJ in Va, Stuy, BSci, HCHS in NYC, are some examples) then higher is better.


Take it again. We were told there is a big difference in a 34 and a 35.

I got a 35 ACT and was accepted. I think anything above 34 is fine.