Scores for Sept 30 LSAT

<p>Does anyone know when they will be available? I've heard 3 weeks, and also 2 weeks. Any information would be appreciated.</p>

<p>I was told that the official number is three weeks, but that scores usually are emailed a day or two before that</p>

<p>my guess is a week from thursday or friday. the latest will be a week from monday.</p>

<p>Yeah I heard to expect it a few days early. So my guess is about another week and a half or so.</p>

<p>Did anyone hear yet?</p>

<p>not yet. my guess is friday, later in the day.</p>

<p>that would be consistent with past lsat notifications.</p>

<p>My niece got her score on Thursday. She was happy, she got a 169.</p>

<p>it is true the scores are out.</p>

<p>How'd everyone do? Did you get what you thought/hoped you would get? I haven't taken them yet, so I'm curious as to how people actually did compared to how they thought or would liked to have done.</p>