Scores in!

<p>My daughter just got her scores! She had a 160 point increase over the PSAT, 80 points increase in math! Whoo-hoo!!!!</p>

<p>Congratulations. Long wait but definitely worth it. will this change in scores dramatically change her college list?</p>

<p>Whoo-hoo indeed. What an impressive performance. Break out the champagne and celebrate!</p>


<p>[Southern for "whoo-hoo!"] ;)</p>

<p>Good things happen to those who wait!</p>


<p>Carolyn, that is awesome. Are you going to visit Walla Walla soon?</p>


<p>That is absolutely wonderful! A relief to get the scores, finally, and to have such good news! Will you expand your list???? Let us know~!
Congrats to your D!</p>

<p>So glad they are in and that you are pleased.</p>

<p>Congrat's to your daughter - and what a relief for you!</p>

<p>Thanks everyone! Daughter is deliriously happy. The scores make all of the schools on her list solid matches so she knows that any improvement from here on out will be icing on the cake. The main happiness is about the increase in the math score - she has worked so hard to get those 80 points! The math is still on the low side but at least they are not shocking to see next to her reading and writing scores. She's already called and left a message thanking her math tutor who has been sitting on pins and needles all week too.</p>

<p>Dstark, the first thing daughter said after we stopped cheering was that she wanted to go to Walla Walla and visit Whitman. :) It would still be a reach, but with her uptick in grades and the test scores in hand, it might be within the realm of possibility now. If she liked it enough to apply ED, it might even be close to a match. :) </p>

<p>I am one happy and proud mamma this afternoon.</p>

<p>Yea yea yea!!!!</p>

<p>That's just AWESOME, Carolyn. Don't need no stinkin' ACT now, do you?</p>

<p>Thanks to the Xiggi method (btw Xiggi: "U Da' Man"), practice makes better scores. Practice also gets you to Carnegie Hall, but that's another thread. :rolleyes:</p>

<p>Congratulations to your daughter, Carolyn. It is a very sweet feeling when literally overnight all those matches become a much surer thing. And yeah! to her for working so hard to improve and then seeing the results of hard work and effort. A very positive thing!</p>


<p>So now Whitman is on the list! Yay, another trip report to look forward to!</p>

<p>The journey continues . . .</p>

<p>What a great feeling! Someone who did better than expected on the new SAT is a novelty this week here on CC! Congrats and all the best to your daughter.</p>


<p>Congratulations to you D for her great score and especially for her significant and hard-earned improvement in her math score!! That is just so fantastic! Celebrate and enjoy~it looks like the serious pressure is off for any future tests! :) ~berurah</p>

<p>Congrats to your D! And a great job by both of you to have already identified schools that she loves which can now be considered good bets and almost sure bets (I did not use the old safety reference...). Now toss in those few reaches to see what happens. Knowing your enthusiasm for Whitman, I imagine that you have a good sense of fit for your D there. I really like that school. Lots of kids from my school attend, and my D visited twice (late soph & early senior years). Impressive treatment at the visits (free lunch!). I think your D has an excellent chance there. A student of mine with GPA similar to your D and what I infer to be similar SAT was accepted RD. And you have geographic diversity (although there are some cars in their parking lots from California). First visit turned my D onto LAC's. She came away from that visit proclaiming that she would have no trouble writing and presenting a senior thesis. Floored H and I who never had to do one, nor would have wanted to (too much fun playing at big uni's). She would have gladly attended had she not gotten her wish to get out of this state.</p>

<p>So here in CA this what we dance to: la cucarach, la cucaracha! Now, it does mean cockroach, but I promise it's a celebration. Congratulations and go get a pedicure....</p>

<p>Carolyn, I'm thrilled for your daughter. I know how hard she's worked and it paid off. I know you're also thrilled for her. With all you know about colleges, I'm sure she'll end up at the PERFECT school. Congratulations.</p>

<p>kudos! How did she get that math score up?!</p>