Scores which were up earlier... they won't change will they?


<p>How many people here saw their scores? </p>

<p>Were they incorrect and that's why taken down? I hope not!</p>

<p>haha they better be right, or i'd sue for emotional distress!</p>

<p>lol i really doubt they were wrong. geez they really are trying to kill us.</p>

<p>Mine didn't change. This must be torture for you guys.</p>

<p>I Hope They Change</p>

<p>i second that ardiu</p>

<p>I hope they dont!... I got a very nice 800 in 2c and 780 in writing!</p>

<p>Nope. Mine went down for a bit and came back up a few hours later in their former loveliness.</p>

<p>i hope the "6" will become a "7"</p>

<p>oh my got that would be f@$%ing amazing if the scores changed. I saw mine at 4 though lol. Have they ever been known to change?</p>

<p>Mine went down for a bit and came back up a few hours later in their former horrendousness.</p>

<p>Okay People Why The The Heck Would To Scores Change!?!? Seriously If You Saw Your Score Then Get Off So Other People Can See. Sorry Your Precious 790 Won't Go Up To An 800 So Deal With It And Move On With Your Life!</p>

<p>I hope there's some kind of mistake. There has to be! My scores were way too low!</p>

<p>does it mean that we are logging in and out sexybrunette?</p>

<p>sexybrunette...i agree! i am dying to see my score, but cb is still down</p>

<p>I don't know what it means, but if 500 people go back to check if their scores are right, they just annoy the 500 people that didn't even see their scores. You don't take a serving of seconds before people even have their firsts do you?</p>

<p>You see your score, you move on. Let the next person go too.</p>

<p>Damn these mutiple password check ups! My window is stuck trying to get pass the second password check!!! Arrgghhh my heart is beating like a platypuses tail when it sees a kangaroo molesting a koala!!!</p>

<p>At least your're in!! I've been trying since 1:30 today and its still not working because stupid people need to recheck their scores to make sure they didn't drop. Let the aggrivated check their scores too!!</p>

<p>So we can safely say that they won't change right? Even after they were taken down?</p>

<p>No, I'm pretty sure that they will not change.</p>