Scoring the reading section of the SAT

<p>I just took a full-length practice SAT online and my goal for the reading portion was 650. The online course that I'm taking said to get 650 I needed a raw score of 48. When I got my results I took off 1/4 for each question I got wrong and ended up with 50 raw points. I was very excited until I looked at the scaled score & saw that it was a 520... :( </p>

<p>Am I doing something wrong with the way I'm calculating my score??? If not, how can I do better on the reading?</p>

<p>My blue book says that a 48 is anywhere from a 580-640 depending on the curve, and a 50 is anywhere from a 600-660. A 520 sounds very far-fetched.</p>

<p>I re-checked my score report & noticed that there's an unscored experimental section. Without that section my raw score would be a 38. Could that explain the 520?</p>

<p>^Yes, that explains it.</p>