Scoring the Writing Portion of SAT

<p>Is is accurate that the graders of the writing test have the same view of the essay as is available with the scores? I am told that the essays are all scanned into a database and emailed to graders all across the country---but wanted to confirm this with the CC 'experts'. </p>

<p>When DDs scores came back we were surprised at the relatively low score she'd received in writing as her prep teachers had praised her practice essays and she is normally a very sound writer. However, when we reviewed her essay as it was visible when scores became available online, it was clear that her writing was not clear!! She had not written dark enough to get a good scan of the essay. I'm guessing that the graders were forced to strain to read the essay, didn't really have the time or inclination to read the faint writing and a low score was the result. Seems crazy to me that they have pencil, which is not always readily visible when making copies, scans, etc.</p>

<p>Has anyone else had this experience? Does my theory seem plausible?</p>