Scottish Universities

<p>Can anyone offer some perspectives on what it is like to study in Scotland? I would be especially interested to hear about the universities in St. Andrews and in Edinburgh. How do the two compare? Is St. Andrews a boring place? Does Edinburgh lack a scenic campus? How about student life? Boarding? Food?</p>

<p>i heard it was similar to the US...the nature of the classes and social life might be a little difference though</p>

<p>Son did study abroad in Scotland. Absolutely loved it. </p>

<p>HIs roommate is now finishing up his study abroad at another Scottish U. Also loved it. </p>

<p>Kids are very friendly and there are lots of students from all over.</p>

<p>Between St. Andrews and Endinburg, really depends on if you want a city or campus feel. I don't think you can go wrong with either.</p>

<p>I notice the SAT qualifications one needs for a competitive application to the University of Edinburgh are significantly lower (150 points!) than what St Andrews describes as appropriate qualifications. This seems bizarre given Edinburgh's strong standing among world universities and, as I perceive it, St Andrews' somewhat lesser standing. Am I missing something here?</p>