Scovell Business Leadership Program

My son received an information packet for the Scovell Business Leadership Program at Texas Tech. He has finished the application. Does anyone have any experience with this program? It seems very exclusive (only about 17 freshman get selected). If you have participated in the program, what was the interview and selection process like?

He has been accepted into business at A&M, Tech, University of Ark., and University of Oklahoma. He has applied to Mays Business Honors and is still waiting to hear back. Tech has the most in scholarships, but we are not sure what is the best route to go.

Interested to know as well. My son received the same packet and invitation to apply. He’s been accepted to JSOM at UTD and the Davidson Management Honors Program there. His other acceptances are from UNT, Tech & OSU. So far, Texas Tech has been the best with Merit Aid, still waiting for UNT to release their merit aid packages. We’re not expecting any merit aid from
UTD or TAMU. OSU brought him down to in state tuition.

TAMU is the only one we are still waiting to hear from as he is a review admit there.

Have you all heard anything from Scovell BLP? My son has not heard anything and has not heard from honors either.

Not yet…According to the email, they said they would notify shortlisted candidates the week of March 1 if they are selected for an online interview. The email said 88 applied for 15 available positions…20 will be selected to interview for those 15 spots.

Have you heard anything? The last email said they were narrowing down the list and emailing either last night or this morning.

Not yet!

Incidentally, we went to visit Tech last Wednesday. We had met with a Rawls advisor and had a personalized tour the Rawls building. We talked a little about the Scovell Program and he said if you don’t get selected this year, definitely apply again as a sophomore.

So apparently my son did get an email…he’s been selected for an interview! He didn’t even tell me…he’s been busy with work and AP Stats is kicking his butt.

The email said they shortlisted top 26 candidates and then will pick 15 from there. They sent him some dates for next week to pick from.

Congratulations to your son! That is amazing. Good luck to him!

My son got the same email and finished is interview and they said that they would announce the selected candidates by the end of this month. Has your son received an email yet?

Not yet!

I have been thinking of you and your son… hoping he gets it!!!

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Got the email today…he wasn’t selected :pensive:.

They did encourage him to reapply next summer for the upperclassmen cohort, I’m sure he will.

I am sorry, it has to be hard getting that close and not getting it. I know he was really wanting that. I hope he has a wonderful experience at Tech and tries again next year!

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