scranton univ in pennsylvania

does anyone know how big the school is? or anything else about the school?

<p>Try this:</p>

<p>Let</a> me google that for you</p>

<p>The University of Scranton has a thread under Alphabetical listings. There is a lot of information posted there.</p>

<p>My D is a sophomore there and loves it. She was just home briefly for Fall break (first time since we have seen her since drop off in August!), and she had nothing but praise about the school, her friends, the number of diverse activities offered , and the program she is in.</p>

<p>Scranton is a Jesuit school, and really encourages community service. The campus has undergone a lot of improvements over the past few years, and the University consistently gets recognized as an "Up and Coming school" with a focus on the outstanding undergraduate experience it offers.</p>

<p>JM- check other threads for Scranton as there is plenty from the last 2-3 years. Son is fresh and had many college opportunities and felt this was best for him. Very happy with choice and loves it there. Has become more active in things outside of academicsl and sports. Actually has attended 2 lectures this fall (A first for him) and were happy with it as well.</p>