Screen Size

<p>What's the best screen size for taking notes/doing homework?</p>

<p>13" .</p>

<p>or 14" .</p>

<p>I'm debating between a 14" and a 15.6". I've always used a 15.6". My laptop will be a desktop replacement, so I'm hesitant to get the 14". It just seems cramped.</p>

<p>That's exactly my dilemma too, haha.</p>

<p>I'd say at least 13", but at most 15". Below 13" and it's hard to see, but more than 15" and it's hard to carry your laptop around.</p>

<p>You can always get an external monitor and put that in your room for when you need to stare at the screen for long periods of time.</p>

<p>External monitors feel obnoxious. But since I don't plan on getting a TV (and since an external monitor only costs like $150 these days), I might actually consider it.</p>

<p>i've owned laptops from 12" to 16". i feel like 15" is just barely too big, and 13-14" is the sweet spot.</p>

<p>I got a 13" a month ago, and at first I wished I had opted for a 15" instead. Since then, however, I've realized that it's big enough for everything that I need to do, and that a 15" would have sufficiently more cumbersome so as to have negated the additional space.</p>

<p>22"; sure, it's not portable, but the laptop-sizes don't even come close, not even the 17". It's definitely worth the $150.</p>

<p>As for taking notes, I rarely look at the screen. My netbook serves me just fine.</p>

<p>Is a 14" sufficiently small to carry around easily? It seems that 13" is the sweet spot for laptops to get insanely expensive if you want similar hardware and performance.
I mean, for example the Aspire 3820TG-434G64n and Aspire 4820TG-434G64Mn have identical CPUs and GPUs but one costs 1500 euro and one costs 900 euro. For a difference of 0.7 inches and 0.6kg.</p>

<p>14" is definitely small enough to carry around easily, i've taken one on countless travels and its been no hassle at all.</p>

<p>I have a 15.6" laptop and it's great for taking notes. I can have two windows open taking up half the screen each and still read what I'm typing in either. It's not that hard on the eyes either which is always a bonus.</p>

<p>I have a smaller 14" screened laptop that is still manageable for everything I need while on the run and a larger monitor for my room.</p>

<p>I enjoy my 17" laptop. While it's not suitable for everyone, I game (awesome at 1080p resolution) and I'm often running tons of programs at the same time. It's pretty nice to have itunes, chrome, and visual studio all up on the screen at once. It's not a desktop replacement for me, however it does perform better in games :P It's not too much of a hassle to carry, then again I don't carry it around that often. Core i7 laptop's dedicated graphic cards with large screens also tend to have lower a lower battery life. I'd be lucky to get 2.5 hours on one charge, and that's just browsing the web and listening to itunes. Also, it can be annoying to write for a long period of time on cramped keyboards that usually accompany smaller screens. The screen on my laptop is very spaced out and easy to type on.</p>

<p>Mmm would an 11" be too small for taking notes / doing work when not in dorm? The M11x is getting a refresh with i3/i5/i7 so I'm considering getting it; I'd definitely get an external monitor in my dorm but I'm just wondering how well an 11" works on campus. It would definitely be easy to carry around but is staring at an 11" for a class irritating or anything?</p>