screennames for UMD class of '09

<p>hey guys, i dont know about anyone else but i am pumped for college. sooooo... why not start talking? give the following info, ill start it up:</p>

<p>screenname: scagneas
location: potomac, maryland
major: business
music taste: oldies and rap (dont go together, but whatever)
something interesting: nothing. im boring.</p>

<p>now its your turn! keep this going guys, i want to meet all of you!</p>

<p>screenname: jodzter
location: Long Island, New York
major: undecided
music taste: jack johnson, gavin degraw, ben folds, dispatch, etc.
something interesting: im in media scholars</p>

<p>Hi, I'm new to this thing. My mom is sorta obsessed with it i think so she told me to check it out...but anyway..</p>

<p>My name is Alanna and i live in east brunswick, new jersey. and im in the honors program at maryland. and, what else? perhaps double majoring in psych and dance. but i really am not sure about all that stuff. and im into a lot of music that i can't even begin to list but my screen name is swetums123 if you want to im me, im friendly and stuff sooooo woo maryland class of 2009. </p>

<p>love alanna</p>

<p>screenname: honeybee9804
location: Connecticut
major: biology- cell biology and genetics
music taste: guster, jason mraz, gavin degraw, taking back sunday, incubus, maroon 5, jimmy eat world, etc.
something interesting: in the honors program</p>

<p>On a similar note, does anyone have LiveJournal? I'm considering starting a UMD 09 community and I was wondering if there is any interest for it. Hope to meet some of you in the fall!</p>

<p>screenname: mmmmjuicyXX
location: new prov, new jersey
major: undecided
music taste: really wide variety..rap mainly, i like oldies too and bands like something corporate, guster, spitalfield, and pretty much anything
something interesting: im a fun person..haha</p>

<p>In response to my above post, I did create a livejournal community.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> for any of you that are interested.</p>

<p>MEREDITH IS FREAKING DANK!!!!! hahaha everyone should love this girl! shes visiting me this summer!!! haha...go umd!! and berkeley!!</p>