Screw English! How the hell do I prep?

<p>Alright I'm pretty ****ed at my ACT score and here's why:</p>

<p>E: 30 (????!!!!)
M: 36
R: 35
S: 35
C: 34</p>

<p>Seriously? I'm definitely retaking in September, what books are good for english? I've heard the red books and princeton review books to be the best, then Barron's 36. Any suggestions?</p>

<p>I find that the English part of the ACT you just can’t really study for. It’s much more basic than the SAT as you probably know, and I feel you either know it by now or you don’t. Other than that, getting a review book can help with those little rules like colons and semicolons and whatnot. Retake it and I’m sure you’ll get better.</p>

<p>Alright thanks. Yeah so far people have just told me to take practice tests</p>

<p>If you know the rules just figure out what your missing and drill it into the core of your being. Im taking it in September also. Good Luck :)</p>

<p>You’re*. XD</p>

<p>But yeah gl to you too :)</p>

<p>Any other advice/books anyone knows?</p>

<p>^hah my bad. One thing i can say is dont use barrons cause it’s to excessive!</p>

<p>1296 ACT questions by princeton review paired with the Real ACT prep guide are probably best for your situation.</p>

<p>Take practice tests and see what’s messing you up, then fix it! For me, it was subject verb agreement and verb tense (more or less because it’s easy to overlook that stuff). I made sure to focus on that when taking the real ACT and ended up with a 35 in english.</p>

<p>Alright cool. Thanks for the help guys! Hopefully a 36 in sept haha</p>