Screw up with essay online.. help

<p>yea i spent a lot of writing my essay and making it interesting its an interesting topic. i when I paste it into the brown essay box, it kept cutting off, so i had to shorten it made it much worse. THEN i also pasted the whole original thing onto the second half of my resume attachment. i know its kinda late for me to be asking this since i submitted my app on the deadline, but do you guys think brown will even look at my essay on the uploaded document? my main intent was to express myself to Brown, and as long as my essay is a reasonable length it should be ok right? (the limit was 3500 characters mine was 4100). so someone tell me if i should start worrying and crying or if its not really a big deal and brown might look at the essay i put on the attachment ( i wrote them a note in the essay box before my crappy essay telling them to look at the attachment)</p>

<p>They are not looking for arbitrary reasons to eliminate applicants.</p>