Screwed up badly my first year at uni - damage control?

Last year, I transferred from a community college to a state university with about 40 credits, which landed me as a sophomore. I screwed up really badly my first semester, dropping 3 classes and failing the one I kept. The next semester, I dropped 2 classes, and got an A and a B in the other two. My gpa is about a 2.56 and I now have about 47 credits. I think I am almost a junior at this point. What I am wondering is, if I want to continue to pursue a psychology degree and really get serious about academics, will I still have a chance at getting into grad school or did I ruin my chances by dropping 5 classes over the course of two semesters?

I know that what I did was irresponsible and I have learned my lesson, so I am not looking for a lecture, but rather an objective answer as to how I can make things work from here on out. Should I simply transfer to another university and send them only my community college transcript for a fresh start, or is it possible for me to do damage control with what happened at the university I attended last year (which I love and would rather not leave)?

Thank you guys in advance for the help. I really appreciate it.