Screwed up my application

<p>After reading the line saying that I can have my admission revoked if any I reported had inconsistencies, I ran and got my transcript to make sure I didn't mess up. Well, I did. I said that I received an A in my 9th grade Geometry (reg) class when I really had a B. Will they rescind me for this? What should I do?</p>

<p>ummm...I guess not. But you should have been careful. Drop an email to the concerned person/department, I'm sure they will be able to help you.
All the best.</p>

<p>I doubt it because they don't look at 9th grade scores anyways.</p>

<p>Should be fine because they take your 10-12 GPA and multiply it by a 1000 when they calculate admissions, not your 9-12. Still talk to someone about this- it's the kind of thing you want to confirm now.</p>

<p>Thanks, I am seriously freaking out about it =/. Should I just call the admissions office?</p>

<p>12th year grades are not available by the time of application so for most people it is only 10-11. Maybe they take 12th into account if you had a gap year and applied the following Fall.</p>

<p>I think it would be wise to call the admissions office but since it was an honest mistake that didn't affect your admissions points score and you are correcting it yourself, it shouldn't make a difference. It's a good object lesson for all of us not to rely on memory for high stakes information.</p>

<p>This was me when I was in your place. I made a ton of dumb errors on my application. I just would call and email admissions. DO THAT, if for nothing else, to have peace of mind that an admissions officer knows your concern, you self corrected, and its okay! Even if its not a big deal.
The big one is to complete your A-Gs and not get any Ds or Fs. Other things are less important.</p>

<p>I called the admissions office just now...I asked how serious of a problem it is. They told me its very serious because decisions are already out and I should have found out earlier. They also said they can't give me an answer as to whether or not it is likely that my admission be canceled. They said all I can do is to send an email so that they have documentation that I notified them of the mistake when they verify my transcripts. </p>

<p>So referring to referring to hopefullyokay's post, an admission officer will know my concern, will know that I self corrected (afte the email), but I wont know for sure if its okay =[.</p>

<p>Oh no, that's really unfortunate :( I honestly don't think it will affect your admissions though, since it is a 9th grade course and the difference is between an A and a B, not a C and a D. Good luck! Let us know how it turns out. If they really revoke acceptance for this that would be absolutely ridiculous.</p>

<p>^Why is that ridiculous? There are rules for a reason... and I don't know if I'd want to admit someone who couldn't successfully copy their paper transcript into an online program. Come on, it's not that difficult. You know?</p>

<p>While that is true, the mistake is pretty trivial in my opinion. It was one freshman grade, and colleges generally don't even look at 9th grade grades. Of course if he/she had replaced some of his 10th/11th grades with As instead of Bs, or if the grade had been changed from a D, F, or C to an A, then that would definitely warrant rescinding of his/her acceptance. But in this case, it's just one typo out of many and not even in a very important section, in comparison with the rest of the application. That's why I think it would be pretty ridiculous to retract the acceptance in the case of this individual situation.</p>

<p>You'd think UCSD would be somewhat more understanding of mistakes, especially after that whole fiasco that happened last year with "the emails"</p>

<p>well let me tell you this....I'm on the very same situation right now. I had 4 grades wrong on the original application. I called them like 3 times (they only picked up the first time) and emailed (which took about couple weeks to receive a respond). Well anyway, they said it is a serious problem, so I sent my transcripts in so that they could recalculate my gpa again and give me a new decision. However, they were like 'we can't do it now, because it is YOUR mistake (which I think, is that these people are probably thinking college as just a BUSINESS instead of an actual place that educates students), and We will recalculate gpa and decide whether your acceptance would remain AFTER WE RECEIVE A FINAL TRANSCRIPT'....(so that we can have your deposit and don't give s*** about you :) )</p>

<p>So I'm about to pay deposit to not only UCSD but also other schools too....</p>

<p>I mean yeahhh but if they let one person off then they have to let everyone off, and how do they know that one person didn't report his grade higher on purpose to gain admission, thinking it would never be noticed? sorry, I guess I'm just not as sympathetic.. good luck to all who are dealing with that though</p>

<p>i have to agree with ucsandiego915. the freshman grade is a pretty trivial matter and quite frankly, if you can't take the time to double check your application before submitting it, you shouldn't be admitted. yeah. =(</p>

<p>@andork Your comment doesn't really make sense...if you say the freshman grade is a trivial matter then that means it is unimportant. I think you meant to say important? Not meant to berate anyone, just trying to clarify.</p>

<p>andork that's pretty irrational. Do you also think that if someone drives a 1 mph over the speed limit then they should get speeding tickets? After all, they didn't follow the rules. Don't act like people don't make mistakes in this world. Just because you make a mistake that is <em>trivial</em> then why should you be penalized so severely? </p>

<p>"Does the punishment fit the crime?"</p>

<p>Hi Jellypig I was just wondering how things have worked out for you. Has UCSD given a reply?</p>