Screwed Up Schedule?

<p>Ok. After picking my classes for my first semester at Cornell, I realized I ended up stuck between a rock and a hard place. I am currently an ECE major hoping to fulfill premed requirements, but I think my current schedule is not allowing that. Since I did not take Calc BC senior year and I passed the AP Chem exam, the class scheduling computer did not automatically enroll me in Chem 2090 and, since I dont have the BC requirement for Physics, didnt let me enroll in physics. Basically, my schedule now is:</p>

<p>CS 1110: Intro to Computing Using Java
ENGRG 1050: Engineering Seminar
ENGRI 1110: Nanotechnology
Math 1910: Calculus for Engineers
PE 1527: Olympic Fencing</p>

<p>As a premed I heard that it was essential that you take a chem class each semester during your freshman year, but due to the scheduling thing, I couldnt take Chem 2090 because I wasnt auto-enrolled.</p>

<p>Does anyone have any suggestions on how to salvage my schedule and get me back on track so I can take ANY science class to fullfill my premed requirement? I wouldnt mind dropping either the Comp Sci class or the Nanotech class. </p>



<p>as an engineer do you plan on going to med school right after college?</p>

<p>It depends. I love my ECE major, but at the same time I love medicine and the idea of going to med school to become a doctor. I dont know whether I'll enjoy doing what an engineer does since Ive never done it before, so I do want to keep the option of med school open. But for the purpose of this statement, yes, I do plan on going to med school right after college.</p>

<p>i think the pre-med + engineering has been discussed here before...if i recall correctly a 5th year might help you...</p>

<p>either that or summer courses :-d</p>

<p>I wasn't pre-enrolled in Chem 2090 either but I signed up for it during pre-registration so I don't know why you think you still can't take it unless everything is full?</p>

<p>Bleh, parents dont want me to stay a 5th year and I was hoping to do research during the summer. :(</p>

<p>How were you able to find the Chem 2090 course on the website? I looked and I looked and I was never able to find it.</p>

<p>Just an additional question. If a class is reported full by the computer, how hard is it to still get into the class by showing up on the first day of the term? At my local community college I was able to take classes even if the class was full because unofficially the teachers could still accept more students than what the computer allowed. Is this possible at Cornell? Im hoping, if possible, to just show up on the first day of class for Chem 2090 and see if I can still add the class.</p>

<p>Maybe the reason you couldn't find it is because it's already full and you have the option "show open classes only" checked?</p>