Scripps College Alumni

<p>Hello, I am a mom of a very excited newly accepted "scrippsie" and I do not know much about this school other than the information I've gathered from websites. I want to learn more about the success rate after scripps college. I don't want to throw away 54k+ a year if it goes only to waste and my d comes back home after four years doing nothing. Of course I would give my utmost support and love upon her return as well as the greatest pride in having a daughter who attended a claremont college but she also got accepted into UCLA, UCI, UCSD. Scripps, being her first choice, I want to find out more. My d is going to major in biology and wants to attend optometry school after scripps. If you please, post your experience at Scripps education wise and your experience post-Scripps (how prepared you were for the real world, overall gpa, what grad school/med school you attended, or what you did if you didnt attend grad school, etc). Also some advice for my d on fulfilling her dream of optometry would be great!</p>

<p>Hi ember,</p>

<p>I'm a bit confused-- was your D accepted under ED1 (the only people to receive definitive acceptances yet)? If so, it doesn't seem there's much deliberation to be doing at this point.</p>

<p>Regardless, here's my two cents as a graduating senior. Your 54K/yr will only go to waste if your D decides to waste it. If you have confidence that she'll make use of every opportunity, it will be worth it. And since it sounds like she has a clear goal in mind, she should have no problem putting Scripps' resources to work for her. </p>

<p>One of my fellow seniors (a neuroscience major) spent summers as a research assistant at Optometry schools and eye institutes, and plans to attend grad school for optometry after graduation. Another student I know who graduated 2009 went on to grad school for optometry at UC Berkeley. </p>

<p>UCLA is a great school, but my boyfriend, who is now a senior there, is struggling to get into his first choice classes and has had no professor more than once (he's at a loss for who to ask for grad school recs in the future). As UC student populations continue to rise, the opportunities available at Scripps' small community are going to provide immense benefits on the path to grad or medical school. I have great relationships with my profs, so I have no worries about who will support me when I apply to grad school a few years down the road.</p>