Scripps College Regular Decision Class of 2025

accepted ! :smiley: was wondering if anyone knows what the acceptance rate was this year?

A couple years ago they overenrolled and no one got off the waitlist so I think since then, they have been more selective with their acceptances and utilized the waitlist a lot more. I know someone who got off the waitlist 2 years ago and currently attends so I wouldn’t lose hope just yet! Your niece should definitely indicate that scripps is her first choice if taken off the waitlist in her LOCI


congrats! i heard it was 24% this year

That’s interesting. Is there something published about this somewhere???

Sorry, 24% was actually last year. :sweat_smile: I’m not sure about this year, but here is the link for the article that has last year’s acceptance rate. 5Cs Release Class of 2022 Admissions Decisions | The Student Life.

I did not apply for FA but there has been dramatic change in my family income/situation, do you think I can appeal for an FA?