Scripps College Regular Decision Class of 2025

I was surprised there isn’t a regular decision thread for Scripps Class of 2025!

Feel free to post updates and results here.

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Hey! Super excited but also really nervous! Decisions seem so far away!

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hey guys!

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Hi! I also applied RD to Scripps.

Have they said anything specific about when decisions come out besides by April 1st?

I don’t think so:(

harvey mudd is coming out this thursday the 18th and pitzer is this friday the 19th so maybe scripps is the end of this week? in the past, have the 5Cs released around the same time?

I’ve been reading through some of the class of 2024 thread, and it seems like this Friday would be most consistent with last year-- and it would make sense for the CC’s to release around the same time!
Having said that, this year is wacky, so while we have hope, we have no way to say for certain.
Fingers crossed for Friday!!


Does anyone know when Scripps came out last year?

March 17 at 5 pm Pacific time last year.



I feel like Friday would make sense? Pitzer and Harvey Mudd will be out and it would be around the same time they released last year. Could be completely wrong haha and I really wish they’d just give us a set date!


Anyone might think it will come out today at 5pm?

maybe today. pitzer just released

for anyone who applied to pitzer, did the portal change before release? the scripps portal hasn’t changed at all i don’t think

It didn’t change for me before the decision. Around 3:45, a video popped up when refreshing the page congratulating me :))

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the portal changed before release for those that were rejected

the scripps portal has not changed


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does anyone see an update? i was really hoping they’d come out today