Scripps Transfer 2020

Does anyone know if Scripps is accepting any transfer students this year? I’m reading past threads and it has been zero to none. If you applied, comment!

Last year they accepted 32 of 199 applicants.

Hi! I am a prospective sophomore/junior transfer from a community college in CA.

when you do think decisions will come out? I’m super nervous! @lymarigold

On Scripps’ website, it says that they’ll be releasing decisions on a rolling basis, beginning mid-May, so I guess they’ll stick to the schedule unless COVID-19 delays their app reviewing process…

Hi, Im applying to transfer for the spring of 2021. I was wondering if any of you had any advice for the process?

@frankocean45587 Scripps is actually pretty lenient with its requirements in comparison to other private schools that want a lot more documentation. I think the biggest thing is keeping track of all your transcripts and staying ahead of the ball with coordinating with professors and such. In terms of the essays keep them positive and don’t bash your current institution or anything. The Scripps specific essay is rather short, so be very economical with your words. I hope this helps!

Welp…I was waitlisted last year but rejected as a transfer.
College GPA: 4.0
HS: Weighted 4.0
ACT: High 30s
Essays: pretty ok

I’m so sorry! You’ll end up in the right place. I just got waitlisted but I am worried they just waitlisted me then will reject me. Good luck! @brightplaces

@colb1234567 It’s all good. I got into Occidental and UCLA. I am doing fine. It was just a bit disappointing. Always sucks to get rejected…lol. Sorry about the waitlist. Make sure to send in a letter of continued interest if it is your first choice. Smaller schools like Scripps really value them!

@brightplaces thanks! scripps said they would notify me around mid-june about the waitlist… do you think the decision could come sooner?

@colb1234567 Most likely not. They won’t start taking kids off the waitlist until after they know which of the accepted students will be attending the following year. They would be holding out until after June 1st to look at the list.

hey! I just got my decision for fall 2020 and was accepted to transfer.

I got accepted too

i got accepted too! i’m so excited to meet everyone! feel free to dm me on instagram @valtseng