Scripps Waitlist 2023

Hi everyone! I am currently on the Scripps waitlist. It is my first choice and I have wrote them and told them that. I have a fine GPA and 1500 SAT. Does anyone know what the situation with the waitlist is this year? Do I have any hope? I have no idea if they are going to the waitlist, or how many RD they admitted, or how many they would take from the waitlist. Last year they took 4 form the waitlist but a couple years back they took over 50, so I have no clue! I really want to go.

The number of students that Scripps may take from the wait list will become more clear once the admitted student make their decisions and sent forward their deposits…deadline for this ? Probably around May1…In the meantime you should send a letter to the admissions office stating your strong interest in wanting to attend Scripps and willing to come if chosen from the waitlist!

It looks like Scripps has accepted a large number of students this year. I would not be hopeful about getting off the waitlist. But you never know.

@collegeapp00, I know of someone with a similarly high SAT and top of her class who was on the waitlist. She decided to not wait it out based on past history and other acceptances. I’m curious: did you apply to other Claremont colleges?

thank you! trying to beat down my hope. do you know anything else?


@aquapt do you know anything about the waitlist this year at scripps?

I have no insider knowledge, @collegeapp00 , only speculation. As @mamom says, it seemed a little odd that Scripps made a larger number of admit offers this year, and when the student reporters questioned administration representatives about it, the only response was assurance that they do not expect to over-enroll, without any explanation as to why that would not be a concern given the number of acceptances. Then word began getting out that Scripps was informing admitted students that HMC and Pomona will not be granting open access for this year’s incoming Scripps students to declare the computer science major as they could in the past. This is a significant change that will make Scripps a far less attractive option for students who had been counting on having the option to major in CS. My outside-looking-in conclusion is that these two pieces of information are linked: Scripps Admissions made more offers because they knew that the loss of the CS major would affect yield. But predicting the impact of such a change is in inexact science. Yield may drop more than they predicted, and in that case waitlist offers may be forthcoming. Or, it may not. Admissions will know more in the next two days, but how quickly they will get back to waitlisted applicants after that, I don’t know.

So, there’s a hypothesis to frame the uncertainty, fwiw, but no real reduction in said uncertainty, so it probably doesn’t really help. :smile: Best of luck!

thank you so much

@aquapt hiiii I’m sorry to bother you again! I was just wondering if you knew what this meant: I got an email saying they’re going to look at the waitlist and their numbers and see if they have room for people, and then they asked me if I would seriously consider scripps if they offered me a spot ?? I need to crush my hopes lol

This is at least a little bit hopeful. If they knew they were over-enrolled and had zero space to make additional offers, I don’t think they’d bother seeking additional information in order to sort waitlist applicants by level of interest.

If you would attend for sure if offered a spot, then you should say so in your response. Not only “Yes, I would seriously consider,” but “Scripps is my top choice and I would absolutely attend if offered a spot.” It sounds from what you said up-thread as if you’ve told them this already; but once students have deposited elsewhere, as I assume you’ve done by now, feelings can shift… so I guess they’re just looking for an update of your intentions. The other aspect is that I expect they’re pretty need-sensitive at this stage - from what I’ve been told, they do not give merit with waitlist offers, and full-pay applicants have a much better shot at an offer than those with demonstrated need. (Though I guess it may depend on the composition of the group that already committed and how much of the financial aid budget is left after meeting the need in that pool.)

Fingers crossed for you; hope you’ve also been able to get at least a little bit excited about the school you’ll attend if Scripps doesn’t come through. :slight_smile:

@aquapt @mamom @voyager24 @whidbeyite2002 im thrilled to update you all and say that I was just accepted!! so excited

Great news, congratulations!!

Congratulations, @collegeapp00!

Congratulations! @collegeapp00! This is good news.

congratulations! i was just admitted too! i was confused because i received the “intentions email” two days ago saying to notify them by may 6 because they would be meeting next week, and they notified me of my acceptance yesterday? does anyone know anything about need based financial aid for waitlisted students? i cannot attend if i cannot receive significant need based aid unfortunately. i also was confused because when i visited, they said that they would be letting waitlisted applicants know around may 20. so excited, hope my financial aid works out.

Congrats, @lfaust18 !! Financial need can be a barrier to acceptance from the waitlist, but you’re past that hurdle now, and your FA offer should be the same as it would have been in March, meeting full need as Scripps’ formula defines it. If your family’s financial situation is uncomplicated, then the Net Price Calculator for Scripps should predict your FA offer pretty accurately. If there are less straightforward circumstances then sometimes there can be surprises… but I hope the money aspect works out for you - fingers crossed!

@lfaust18 omg congrats!! keep me updated on if the aid works out :slight_smile:

Collegeapp00. So happy to here you were accepted…you have great credentials and very enthusiastic…Scripps is lucky to have you, or as they say …it is a good match! Do you know what you would like to study? Enjoy your summer!

hi everyone! great news! i’m officially an athena! my financial aid wasn’t ideal, but it was basically the same I would’ve been paying at my other college (only difference is travel fees, but I will be much happier at Scripps)! I’m so excited! still appealing financial aid and hoping for the best. does anyone know the waitlist statistics for this year, or when they’ll be released? also, does anyone know if they’re finished releasing waitlists? my friend was on it as well and hasn’t received information either way.