SCU decisions are up!

<p>Check Ecampus, they are up. S2 got in after EA deferral! Computer Engineering.</p>

<p>Thanks for letting us know! I got in :)</p>

<p>Accepted into A&S after being deferred. Finally!</p>

<p>I forgot what ECampus used to say. If it says “admit” under application status is that it? Or does it change to a different format w/ links for deposits, etc?</p>

<p>You’re in! The rest will post later.</p>

<p>Yes it says “admit”!</p>

<p>At least it did for D, in for Philosphy, she’s going to be so happy.</p>

<p>Denied. :confused: that really makes me sad. Oh well. Hoping for good news from other colleges soon.</p>

<p>Mom2M, my wife graduated from SCU with a BA in Philosophy. If you/she decide on SCU, then I/we can attest that it is a top of the line institution for that field. A recent Rhodes Scholar Awardee came from SCU with a double major in Philosophy. If SCU is the decision, then feel free to PM me and I can try to fill you and your D in on some recommended profs and other things. Congrats to her!</p>

<p>Does anyone know if transfer students are being notified today? ecampus still says “application is complete”. Applied as a TAA in Liberal Studies.</p>

I’m a transfer student as well. I just checked my eCampus and it just says “application is complete.” We should be hearing sometime soon!</p>

<p>How come you can log in and I only get “Error”?</p>

<p>D called admissions, got her portal info (which wasn’t working) and they said they mailed decisions. Not sure if that meant they ALSO mailed decisions or if that mean they mailed all decisions but certain programs are online? All very cryptic if you ask me…</p>

<p>Not just Santa Clara, but all schools.</p>

<p>ecampus portal appears to be down so I don’t know how people checked their status online.</p>

<p>Jaz - must have crashed. On the other thread, it was said they took them down? Not sure… but hopefully lots of people will start getting their fat envelopes today and thru the weekend!! Good Luck to everyone!</p>

<p>If you go to, at the bottom righthand side it says:</p>

<p>“eCampus downtime, Friday, March 23
eCampus will be unavailable Friday, March 23 beginning at 9:00pm until early Saturday morning for scheduled maintenance. Any further updates will be posted on the IT Technology Status page”.</p>

<p>I was able to check this morning at 10AM and I wasn’t notified yet. They must be doing the maintenance now because I can no long access eCampus.</p>

<p>Mine says - Admission Decisions will be posted Monday March 26th. </p>


<p>Congrats to everyone who got in :)</p>

<p>I know that they took down the decisions online but what does it say in all of your URLs?</p>

<p>@towely YA_ADMIT</p>

<p>@s64693 do you know if you got in?</p>

<p>still waiting… i’m a transfer applicant</p>