SCU or Cal Poly SLO Engineering

<p>Which one would be better for 1. job prospect. 2. grad school</p>

<p>Im planning on doing bioeng. and cal poly, or elec. eng at scu with a minor/double major in biomed.</p>

<p>or even uci?</p>

<p>be aware before you read this, that i am completely biased towards santa clara.</p>

<p>that being said, I still faced the same dilemma you are facing now. I’m out of state, so I don’t get the tuition benefits an in state kid would at cal poly or uci. however, the thought of being “just a number” at a big state school really freaked me out. santa clara has an average class size of 30, including lower division classes. you are practically guaranteed to graduate in 4 years at scu, too. at the bigger state schools, with budget cuts and expanding class sizes, scheduling is going to be a nightmare. they will try to get you out asap, but they won’t do much to personalize your education along the way. santa clara has the resources to fund and research endeavors you come up with and have the technology to get you anywhere you want. they have permanent research space at the nasa ames center. </p>

<p>job prospects are abundant for santa clara grads. another plus of getting to know professors is that they have some valuable connections in the area. santa clara has a very respected reputation, especially in the bay area.</p>

<p>grad school is also a nonissue at scu. my advice is to get an undergraduate degree at a place that emphasizes undergrad, and then get a graduate degree at a place that emphasizes grad schools. but sometime’s things are just too logical. santa clara grads have no trouble going to places such as berkeley, uci, or any other school you’re interested in.</p>

<p>hope this helps!</p>