<p>For a business major, which would be a better school to go to as a transfer?</p>

<p>Santa Clara University or University of California Santa Barbara</p>

<p>go to Santa Clara University, it's a better school for business and you won't have to deal with the UC system (though Santa Barbara is a great school!)</p>

<p>thanks, but can you elaborate why it's better and the dealing with the UC system?</p>

<p>well Santa Clara is a ranked business school according to BusinessWeek while UC-Santa Barbara doesn't even make the list. (#39 in the country, ranking here: Top</a> Undergraduate Business Programs 2010 - BusinessWeek)</p>

<p>The UC system is facing severe budget cuts. It's not gonna get any better in the next few years.</p>

<p>The UC system is screwed up beyond belief. One of my friends was accepted to UCSB and he said that after he factored in the tuition increases because of budget cuts the total costs amounted to $32,000/year for IN STATE! Thats just absurd. Because of this I'm almost certain that I'm going to go OOS and I can convince my parents to send me to a school where they're passionate about college football (Virginia Tech OOS would only be about 1-3k more a year than some UC's).</p>

<p>Santa Clara is probably better. </p>

<p>However, is it affordable? I've never heard that they are good with FA for transfer students.</p>

<p>However, if money is not object, then happily go to SCU. Beautiful school with strong alumni.</p>

<p>Well, they are about the same price tag for me. What is FA?</p>

<p>FA = Financial aid.</p>

<p>How are they costing about the same? Are you a non resident? </p>

<p>UCSB is cheaper than SCU for a Calif resident.</p>

<p>Did you apply for FA? What was your EFC?</p>

<p>Did you get your FA packages yet? If so, what was in them?</p>

<p>Yes I did apply for financial aid. It's all around 20k per year for both schools. I'm a in-state resident. However, UCSB not sending a lot my way only about 3.5k in grant while SCU is giving me a 17.5k grant if I attend. I don't know my EFC, I have to check with</p>