<p>Santa Clara University for undergrad
how they for getting jobs in california for private equity/venture cap/hedge fund?
We all know their accounting program is top notch (and in job placements too), but what about their finance dept. ?</p>

<p>I'm guessing UCLA would be better for this field</p>

<p>a n y one?</p>

<p>what are any other CA schools that are good for getting into PE/HF besides berkeley, ucla, stanford?</p>

<p>They have the location for this field, but generally they do internships in the basic areas--finance, operations, general management, with some internships at technology related areas where you have to figure how to bring innovative products to the marketplace.</p>

<p>Look, it is really difficult to get into venture capitalism/hedge funds as a undergraduate no matter where you go (except for the top Ivies, Stanford, and Duke--and maybe NYU). It's a lot about networking, though--and like I said, SCU has the location to allow you to try and do this--but you'll probably have to do a lot on your own--or by using professors who may have contacts in the field.</p>

<p>Strangely enough, there are two professors at Cal State University, San Bernardino who are experts in the venture capitalism field--and who could probably help out in this regard--but you'd hate to go there and then find out these professors retired or moved on to a different college (they are both fairly old and close to retirement age).</p>

<p>UCLA or SCU for venture capitalism--I'd probably choose UCLA--and try to get as many finance courses in as possible through the Anderson School's MBA program.</p>

<p>P.S. You need to know I am a bit biased, though--since I got my MBA at UCLA. However, I do live and work in the Silicon Valley now. Besides UCLA and UC Berkeley, the other schools to consider are USC, Pepperdine, and UCSB for business or pre-business;--or an econ major at UCSD.</p>

<p>THanks for the input
and yea SCU is perfect for silicon valley jobs and etc
They are just recently getting attention from the likes of GOldman, Merril, UBS, etc but obvious UCLA has better campus and alumni connections, along with more boutiques and firms down in SoCal.
I'd choose UCLA too, but my local CC has a guaranteed agreement with SCU, and only priority with UCLA (im not a 4.0 person) so UCLA might be a reach for me to get in to when come Junior undergrad transfer time</p>

<p>And yes I agree with networking being the best thing to have if not in a top school. So much to think about ;[</p>

<p>Im currently at SJSU right now, thinking of transferring to west valley and doing TAA and TAP prorgams to try and get in UCLA, USC, Pepperdine, etc
Only problem is private schools are so much more money than SJSU :( Do you think it is worth it to say go to SCU or any private school for finance/economics/etc?</p>

<p>My view is yes, go to the better school as long as you only have to pay for two years of expenses (do the CCC thing and then transfer).</p>

<p>It generally takes a 3.66 or so to transfer to UCLA--and about a 3.6+ for USC's Marshall school. I think the numbers for Pepperdine and SCU are a bit less--and as you say, the TAP is for SCU--meaning it's guaranteed. Also, don't forget to apply for the Cal Grants when you apply as a transfer--and save about $9,000 per year at whatever school you go to. Then the cost is not totally overwhelming.</p>

<p>Yea TAA is guaranteed for SCU with a 3.5 (which I'm positive I can achieve)
and this is TAP for West valley CC
"# Earns priority consideration for transfer admissions into majors in the College of Letters and Sciences of highly competitive universities such as UCLA, University of Southern California, UC Santa Cruz, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, Pomona, Pepperdine, Chapman, and the University of Santa Clara.</p>

<h1>Qualification for scholarships and grants available only to Honors students at UCLA, USC, and Pomona."</h1>

<p>I'd apply to all except UCSC and UCR I think haha just to increase my chances</p>

<p>and wow Cal Grants, $9,000 per year? Do I have to pay it back? My family makes too much to receive financial aid.</p>

<p>i know a few people that have started out as accountants from sjsu, spent a few years at accounting firms that have contact w/ vc and then switch over. You also have claremont, but they take very few transfer students</p>