SDN. Am I the only one who gets nervous looking at that site?

<p>I recently discovered SDN (Student Doctor Netwrok) the other day and I was reading through their pre-med forums and holy fishpaste that place made me nervous! It made me feel like I would never get into med school unless I had a 4.0, 34 MCAT, 4 years of research plus a few publications and disease cures here and there.
Suddenly I was worrying about things I had never worried about before and I felt like a underachieving loser with my shameful 3.7 GPA.</p>

<p>Anyways I've tried to swear off that site but I still. Keep. Checking. It.</p>

<p>Anyone feel the same way about SDN (but maybe with less of the dramatics? hahaha)</p>

<p>SDN is a cesspool of hysteria and ego. There's some good info there, but to me, the noise-to-signal ratio is not worth it. There are other places like here where you can get the same information without feeling like crap about yourself.</p>

<p>Personally, I'd say just find the information you need and ignore the boasting or whatnot. Staying off the "What are my chances?" threads (i.e., WAMC subforum) will help. A 3.7/30 with some decent clinical, volunteer, and research experience would be a great application. There will always be someone with better numbers than you that didn't get in and someone with worse numbers that did. All you can do is work hard and see where life takes you!</p>

<p>So stop looking. SDN is useful when you're in the application process for keeping track of logistics but otherwise it's just a mess of hysteria, hyperbole, and drama.</p>

<p>SDN can be great for learning the logistics, just ignore the rhetoric and look for concrete data.</p>

<p>OP sounds like most high schoolers that discover CC early in their high school years.</p>

<p>I'm on SDN for t3h lulz.</p>

<p>No but's funny how much of the posters can tie themselves up in knots over small stuff...if you get on knowing to take almost everything with a grain of salt, that can help guard you from feeling too bad about yourself/developing that same attitude. That being said, there's some absolute gems on there. For instance, SN2ed's MCAT study schedule is an absolute godsend for people who don't have the $$$ to spend on a prep course (Breaking</a> Down the MCAT: A 3 Month MCAT Study Schedule | MCAT Discussions | Student Doctor Network).</p>

<p>Oh yeah. If you go on there to ask a question, you might want to try searching for the answer on previous threads first. Seems as if most of the posters there are more than happy to label people who ask questions that have been answered 1000 times as trolls and beat them up. As strange as it sounds, I've found the MCAT discussion forum to be somewhat more mellow than the general premed forum.</p>


<p>'Tis true at times. And yeah... search first. When you ask questions there that obviously weren't well-researched, you're going to get made fun of. It really is that simple. Do a little research first and then come back w/ a good question.</p>

<p>As for feeling bad about yourself b/c of what you see there, don't. Seriously... it's a very biased sample.</p>

<p>The month after I took my MCAT, I was on SDN almost every day. I still can't kick the habit. Something about that site makes me into a hysterical nervous wreck.</p>

<p>Case and point for SDN being the craziest place online:
Would</a> you eat a poop hot dog to gain admission to your first choice school? | Pre-Medical Allopathic [ MD ] | Student Doctor Network</p>

<p>What's even crazier is that more than half responded yes to this poll...</p>